VILI BRANDT, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Head of Projects

I have worked as a legal expert in many companies, which were focused on sales and development and worked in the fields of economic law, international contracts law, corporative leadership and management, sales and marketing in both B2B or B2C business system be it as a director or chief operating officer.

Furthermore, I was a government consultant at the ministry of the environment and spatial planning. In the period of the country's adaptation to the European legal system, I was in charge of the preparation of the legislation for water and environment. In 2003 on the European Commission's evaluation ˝Fast Stream Concours˝ I was selected for the second generation of Brussels officials. In the same year, I had also passed the professional exam for the administrative procedure, received the authorisation for decision making in the administrative procedure gained the title. In 2004 I had accepted a job at the department of denationalization, where I have autonomously lead the administrative procedure and decided about the denationalization process.

After the completed training I have accepted a job offering with the European Commission I decided to continue my career in the family business as a project lead. As a legal representative and expert for corporate management, I assisted with the implementation of different technological ideas and creations (start-up companies) in the field of drinking water preparation, waste processing, biotechnology, mobile phone applications and production of electric energy.

I had also led some real estate projects as an investor. In addition to legal work such as preparation and signing of contracts, I had also done organizational and expert-technical works such as gathering consensus, coordination of procedures for getting building and other permits, preparation of propositions and overseeing of workers and financial flows, preparation and execution of business plans, marketing plans and strategies, preparation and leadership of marketing campaigns and coordination of projects themselves. Throughout I gained valuable experiences in leadership and organising deals, HR management and development of the brand.

As co-author of technical innovations, I am a co-owner of three international pattents in the fields of water filtration and two from the field of electricity production and automobile industry. I am also a member of SAZAS where I enjoy writing and performing fun music.

I enjoy creative and dynamic work. I find pleasure in working with people. Moreover, I enjoy learning new things, starting new projects and taking responsibilities. I am a reliable, loyal and creative person, who is open to suggestion and thinks positively. I am aware that for every collaboration trust and loyalty are required in addition to believing in what you do. These are the guidelines I follow myself.



Video produkcija

Smo prvi nepremičninski studio z lastno avdio in video produkcijo. Združujemo uveljavljene strokovnjake z gospodarskih področij, strokovne umetniške sodelavce ter nepremičninske zastopnike. Zavedamo se, da je prizadevanje za novosti v našem poslu ključen znak razlikovanja dobrih od povprečnih, zato vedno znova iščemo in uporabljamo nove tehnologije, pristope in rešitve, ki prispevajo k razvoju originalnih in izboljšanih storitev pri trgovanju z nepremičninami. Z lastno avdio in video produkcijo uvajamo inovativne prodajne strategije in moderna marketinška orodja, potrebna za razvoj novih storitev. Nepremičninski spoti bi zato morali predstavljati normativ na področju trženja nepremičnin in nepremičninskih projektov.



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We invite candidates with a valid real estate agent licence or candidates that are in the process of acquiring one. The nature of the job requires communication skills, adaptability, tidiness and teamwork. We offer a tidy working environment, possibility for promotions and self-improvement.

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