Rok Hudnik


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Rok Hudnik, Degree in Public Administration, director of Roni estates, LTD, registered in London, UK. I am in charge of management and financing. Proper orientation of the company in today’s unstable market conditions represents a great challenge to me. I like to work with people, to offer my knowledge to them and to learn something new from them.

Nina Hudnik

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Nina Hudnik, Master’s degree in Business Studies, real estate agent (licence no: 01372), director of Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o., Slovenia. Introduction: I have been engaged with the company Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o. since its very foundation. Working with people is fulfilling and exciting. Daily business in the real estate agency is diverse, full of new challenges and knowledge.

Maja Ocepek

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Maja Štefe, grad. oec., real estate agent (license no. 01761) Presentation: I have been employed at the company Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o. as a real estate agent since the beginning of 2010. My very first, as well as other jobs, were closely connected to sales activities and work with people. My further studies were thus directed into gaining knowledge from these areas. First, I studied at a business high school, then at a business college. My title is grad. economist, but I also have a real estate agent's license. This very combination of knowledge is my foundation, and long years of work experience are the practice, which I use to achieve good business results in a positively oriented work collective. Work with real estate requires the whole person. I can say for myself that this is the work that suits me best. It is very dynamic and includes a variety of knowledge but, most importantly, constant improvement. For a successful and professionally carried out work, an enjoyment of communication with very diverse profiles of people is certainly in the first place. I engage the most when I introduce clients to all important and required information, as well as taking all legal facts into consideration so that the business is carried out correctly.

Petra Mali - Tajništvo

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Petra Mali, candidate for graduation at the Faculty of Architecture. I decided to work at a real estate agency because the work is dynamic, while gaining knowledge in the field of real estate is a pleasant upgrade of my current experience in construction and architecture.

Elvina Mujić

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Elvina Mujič, grad. Oec, real estate agent (license no. 226002228). In terms of education, I am a graduate of economy and candidate for graduation of the post-graduate studies of Management. I am a communicative, organised and adaptable person. My specialisation are complex real estate sales. In my work, I am distinguished by precision and professionalism, whereby I do not leave anything to coincidence, making sure that the sales are carried out safely and at the top level. My greatest pleasure is when my work enables both the buyer and the seller to start on a new path in life with the completed business.

I am a 3rd-year student of journalism. Working at Roni Estates, the real estate agency, allows me to have daily contact with people, which I think is a key part of my dream job. The work I do here requires organization and precision, which is just one of the reasons I like doing it so much. After graduating university, I intend to obtain a license for a real estate agent, and I believe that the integration into this professional work environment will be a great help in achieving this challenge.

Ivo Tratnik

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Ivo Tratnik, bachelor of law, real estate agent (license no. 01785). I have decided to work in a real estate agency because I do not like monotony and routine work but enjoy working in a challenging and dynamic environment. The real estate market is constantly changing and offering different challenges every day. Working in the field of real estate means, that you never stop developing professionally, that there is something new every day and there is always something new to be learned. Every real estate project and closed deal is something special, every buyer or seller is a different person, someone you have never met before. The job of a real estate agent is demanding and full of responsibilities since you have to coordinate both buyer's and seller's wishes, which is more than just agreeing on the final price. Working with people is always the hardest, but I do what I do with great care and devotion since it is this very kind of work that pleases me the most. Working with your heart means success is never far away.

Olga Sluchanko

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Olga Sluchanko, bachelor of law, real estate agent. My first language is Russian, but I also speak Slovenian and English. I have a lot of work experience in the legal field, including international law. I am responsible for Russian clients. I give them full support and keep them informed throughout the whole process. I am very dynamic and enjoy working with people. I like to try new things and challenge myself. I spend my free time in nature or travelling the world.

Anastasia Lugovskaya

Anastasia Lugovskaya, študentka zadnjega letnika pravne fakultete v Novi Gorici. Strokovno znanje sem pridobivala tudi na Moskovski Državni Univerzi, dobro pa mi je poznano tudi gospodarsko pravo Rusije. Moje delo zahteva znanja in veščine z različnih področij in aktivno skrb za rusko govoreče stranke. Z veseljem opravljam svoje delo in prispevam k doseganju skupnih ciljev naše ekipe: zagotavljanje čim bolj kvalitetnih nepremičninskih storitev. Sem organizirana, komunikativna in uživam pri delu v dinamičnem kolektivu. V prostem času se ukvarjam z jogo in športom.

Gregor Slabe, B.Sc. (UN), Real Estate agent (License No. 02709).

The dynamics and diversity of the real estate market encouraged me to become a real estate agent. I am a former professional athlete who is aware of the importance of discipline, patience, and hard work but above all, I respect the time and wishes of my clients. Every day is a new opportunity for me to meet and get to know the different people I can help. I am a trusted agent because my given word is my commitment."

Miloslava Zapušek