Moje Finance - February 2015

11.05.2018 / Matija Tomšič
The average citizen of Ljubljana needs 23 years to save up for an apartment, while the average citizen of Celje requires only 16. According to our analysis of purchasing power in different municipalities over Slovenia, buying apartments is currently easiest for people in Celje and Maribor. Those struggling the most are the citizens of Ljubljana and Koper. While the prices are realistic in Styria, they should decrease for at least 15 percent in Slovenia's capital city, according to our calculations.

Will the prices continue to drop?
Nina Hudnik from Roni Nepremičnine agrees: »We probably will not see any additional decrease in the price of real estate in Styria, the Mura region and the Koroška region, because the prices have been very low for a few years already.

Ljubljana's 1,700.00 EUR per sqm
Theory is one thing, but what is it like in practice and out in the field? » The sales in Roni Nepremičnine show that the average selling price of an apartment in Ljubljana is 1,700.00 EUR per sqm or around 1,400.00 EUR per sqm if the apartment is in need of additional renovation.« Nina Hudnik does not expect any further lowering of prices. »This is more about maintaining the balance of the real estate market. We can see a higher drop in prices of apartments on poorer locations, on higher floors of apartment buildings, without parking spaces, etc.,« she adds.

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